Mr. Paul Metz grew up in Garden City NY, where he resides today with his wife and two beautiful daughters. One of the first things people notice about Garden City is that it has a very big financial services community, with seemingly every major bank and brokerage firm represented in the local area. Due to this, Paul had a special window into the financial community, along with a good number of mentors that were instrumental in explaining the true workings of Wall Street.
To kickstart his career, Mr. Metz took a summer intern position at a local firm, Lew Lieberbaum & Co., and later returned as a full time investment professional after receiving a Business degree from Adelphi University. After two years with LL & CO, Paul decided to try his hand at a New York City firm, where he learned from some very talented investment advisers. The tutoring process worked, and Paul quickly became one of the top financial representatives at Maidestone Financial Services, Inc. Mr. Metz stayed at the firm for some time, cultivating a diverse clientele. His time there came to an end when his talents were recognized by a local competitor, Walsh Manning Securities, inc.

While Mr Metz was working at Walsh Manning headquarters on Wall Street, Michael Finnan – the current President of Morgan Wilshire  was running his own Walsh manning franchise on Long Island. Having a preivious relationship with Mr. finnan at  Lew Lieberbaum they both shared similar visions of how to best run an investment firm.  In 1997 Mr. Finnan started Morgan  Wilshire Securities and shortly after Mr metz joined Morgan Wilshire Securities, Inc. in 1998. With the clear vision of helping the firm progress and compete as a well healed player in the financial community.

It was not long before Mr. Metz progressed to Morgan Wilshire’s top producer. Surpassing over 50 registered representatives (even those with far more experience) in a relatively short period of time. Mr. Metz helped the firm build its international desk and till this day Mr Metz continues to build his clientele and actively help investors achieve their goals everyday.

Today Mr metz is a partner, shareholder and the current acting Chief Executive Officer, as well as overseeing certain areas of the firms trading desk.  Mr metz is a consummate professional who works hard at putting the needs of others first and foremost in his daily routine.Currently Mr Metz possesses numerous financial licenses, such as the series 6,7, 55,63,65. Mr metz’s hobbies include golf, hockey, tennis, hunting
not to mention spending as much time with his family as possible.  He can be reached anytime at the firms Garden City headquarters.